Fantaco’s Chronicles Series #2

FantaCo     February, 1982

Twenty Years With the World’s Greatest Comics Magazine; Will The Real Fantastic Four Annual #1 Please Stand Up?; Questions And Answers With Jack Kirby, Version Two; Things Ain’t What They Could Have Been, Ben; After The Wedding: Ambiquity And An Expanding Universe; The Animated Adventures Of The Fantastic Four; Interview: Marv Wolfman and Len Wein; The Fantastic Four: A personal Recollection; The Fantastic Four Checklist; In Final Defeat; Chronic Comments

 John Byrne, J.A. Fludd, Roger Green, Fred G. Hembeck, Jim Korkis, Don Martinec, Rocco Nigro, Steve Webb, Jay Zilber

 Bill Anderson, John Byrne, Tammi Harris, Fred G. Hembeck, John Lawless, Don Martinec, George Pérez, Dave Simons, Stan Timmons

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