Fantaco’s Chronicles Series #3

FantaCo     February, 1982

D.D.’s Facts & Fancies; The Devil And Wally Wood; The Frank Miller/Klaus Janson Interview; A Matter Of Justice; bring Back The Bad Guys; Daredevil: Birth Of A Soap Opera; The Denny O’Neill Interview; Horns Of The Devil; The Daredevil Checklist; Daredevil And Daredevil

 Joey Cavalieri, Mitch Cohn, Michael T. Gilbert, Fred Hembeck, Rocco Nigro, PeteSanderson, John Skerchock III, Steve Webb

 John Byrne, Michael T. Gilbert, Fred Hembeck, Klaus Janson, Stev Leialoha, Frank Miller, George Pérez, Trina Robbins, Dave Simons, Spain Rodriguez, Joe Staton

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